Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sepilok Junior Rangers

This is our very own Sepilok Junior Rangers. Aren't they cute in those uniforms!

Great day with 200 kids!

Hi all,

Today has been a wet day. It rained almost the whole day.

We had 2 large school groups from Sandakan. They were all post-UPSR students.

Must have been more than 200 kids today.

Its good to know that the education department now encourages school outing

after UPSR and PMR.

They had fun learning about the forest and that is a great satisfaction for me.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Sachi San and me

Sachi is a Japanese friend, married to a Sabahan. They now reside in Tokyo with a beautiful son.

Have chance will travel!

Hi friends,

This Japanese lady that I met in a train in Japan, was so sweet...she even insisted i accept a kimono as a gift. All i could give her in return was a silver ring!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Hi again folks!

Me and family just came back from dinner at our favourite place. Its what our German friends call THE FIVE STAR FOOD with a no star place! I'm talking about the Mile 4 pasar Kim Fung in Sandakan. We've taken many friends there including Germans, Japanese, friends from the UK, Canada and of course our local Sabahans. Our favourite stall is the boss' (thats what we call him!). Its the one in the middle of the pasar. O... and next to it is Asuk who makes the BEST teh-C we know! U would agree to this for sure! Try it out next time you come to Sandakan.

Anyway, lets see some pix of RDC. I'm promoting it because its just too good to miss a visit if you are in Sandakan. So, enjoy the pix!

This is the latest attraction at RDC. Yep! its a canopy walkway, 25 m above the ground. This is just the first phase from tower 1 to 2 which is about 145 m. It will be ready most probably in March. There will be 8 more shelters including 6 towers and all these are at the RDC in Sepilok. When completed, the whole circuit will be about 950 m long! COOL!

Thursday, January 31, 2008

The great RDC TEAM

These are the fun-loving people that create GIRRLL power at RDC ( We'd like to think of it that way...makes life interesting!)

From your left, Sayaka (Yes, a Japanese), Kim, Celya, Yours truly and May. Not in pix is'll see him in the next pix.

The Rainforest Discovery Centre (RDC)

This is where I work!
Don't you just love this place?

My office is in the largest of the three buildings, that is the one on the left.